Solar Panel Case Study - Indoor Pool


180 Navitron evacuated tubes supply heat to this indoor pool. A stainless steel Bowman heat exchanger is placed in the pool pipework upstream of the pool's oil-fired boiler. In this way the solar system pre-heats the pool water.

Since pools use a lot of energy to come up to temperature the solar system can take a significant load off the pool boiler early in the season. In many cases the boiler can be switched off for much of the swimming season since the solar system can provide sufficient heat on its own. These customers report a marked reduction in their oil bills.


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Smart Energy Guarantee (SEG)

The SEG is a new scheme whereby you are paid for electricity you export to the grid. Your electricity supplier will need to install an export meter or a smart meter in order to take accurate readings.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions about PV systems?

Read our dedicated Photovoltaic FAQ section that answers the most common queries.

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