Solar Panel Case Study - PV on split roofs


This detached house in Horsham has 2 x south-facing roofs; one is an apex and the other a parallelogram.

In order to maximise the kW yield from the limited roof space available we installed 12 x SANYO HIT N235W monocrystalline modules in 2 x strings.

SANYO HIT PV modules are considered to be some of the best on the market since they have a high efficiency, generate a higher kW yield/m2 than most other modules and are able to cope with ‘thermal degradation’ (in the summer months PV modules become hot and their efficiency can drop significantly above 25C).

The 12 x modules combine to give a 2.82 kWp DC output which is fed to a Power One Aurora 3.0 OUTD dual MPPT inverter. This inverter can cope with any differential shading (in this case from low winter sun in the early mornings) and so best optimise the kW yield from the entire PV array.

Annual yield expected 2,868 kWh. Total energy yield over 25 years expected 69,998 kWh. Total CO2 offset over 25 years expected 37,869 kg. Total FIT earnings over 25 years expected £31,393


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Smart Energy Guarantee (SEG)

The SEG is a new scheme whereby you are paid for electricity you export to the grid. Your electricity supplier will need to install an export meter or a smart meter in order to take accurate readings.


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