Solar Panel Case Study - PV on flat roof - 10kWp



This block of flats in Brighton has a large, flat, strengthened roof and a 3-phase electricity supply.

46 x Schuco poly crystalline PV modules were mounted on aluminium frames is assorted rows to negotiate vent pipes, a lift shaft and sky-lights to make the best use of the sunlight.

3 x strings of PV modules link in to a SMA STP10000TL inverter. Concrete paving slabs were used for ballast against the strong winds near the coast.

Annual yield expected 8,980 kWh.Total energy yield over 25 years expected 219,111 kWh. Total CO2 offset over 25 years expected 118,543 kg. Total FIT earnings over 25 years expected £98,162.


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Feed in Tariff scheme

The FIT is a scheme in which owners of PV systems are rewarded for every unit of electricity they generate, irrespective of whether they are used on site or not.

This is known as the Generation Tariff and is currently under review. Payments are also made for 50% of every unit generated by the PV system. This is known as the Export Tariff and is currently under review. These payment rates are fixed for 20 years, linked to the Retail Price Index (RPI) and are tax-free. PV systems installed from 1 August 2012 will be subject to an approximate 7% decrease in the FIT rates.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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