Feed in Tariff scheme

The Feed in Tarrif scheme has now closed.

A new scheme (the Smart Export Guarantee or SEG) is being rolled out. Your electricity supplier will be able to advise details. You will be paid for electricity that you export to the grid. Therefore, they will need to install an export or smart meter to take accurate readings.


You will also make savings on your electricity bills since you will be using some of the electricity you are producing. Therefore you will not need to buy in so much electricity from your supplier. The amount you save will vary depending on the size and performance of your PV system and the amount of electricity you use but may range from 25% - 60%.

Return on investment

The return on investment for a typical PV system is approximately 7 - 10% which is higher than many bank and building society base rates.


ECO HI SOLAR is certified under the Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS) so your installation will automatically qualify for the SEG scheme.

Registering for the SEG

After we have installed your PV system we complete a central MCS database. You will be sent a MCS Certificate.

You then contact your electricity supplier and complete their SEG application form. They will check the MCS database.

Moving home

If you have a PV system and you move home the ownership of the system is transferred to the new owners. If you move into a home with a PV installation you assume ownership of that system.