Provided some simple maintenance is carried out, the expected life of a solar water heating system is in excess of 20 years and we have seen many examples to prove this.

Annual inspection (usually by owner)

Observed from ground (perhaps using binoculars)

  • that the glazing seals are weathertight and sound
  • that all insulation is firmly attached
  • that there is no evidence of serious corrosion or persistant condensation
  • that all covers, fixing screws etc are in place and the panel is secure
  • that any anti-bird wires are in place (if fitted)
  • that the panel sensor is secure in the pocket provided
  • that the automatic air vent (may be in loft) shows no leaks


  • that all air has been expelled from the system (none observed in flow-meter window or audible in pump)
  • that all insulation is firmly in place
  • that there is no damage to pipework
  • that there is no evidence of leaks
  • that the system is at the correct pressure (for sealed systems min 1 bar)
  • that electrical controls and operational indicators are working correctly (see separate DTC manual)
  • that the sensors are securely fixed and that all covers, fixing screws etc are present
  • that the pressure relief valve releases fluid when briefly twisted and shuts off after

A competent person should deal with any points arising from the above.

Five-yearly checks

  • The system should be completely drained and flushed, then refilled with new antifreeze/inhibitor.
  • Check all insulation, pipe work and correct operation of components.

Please contact Eco Hi Solar if you would like us to perform this service.