Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI)

It is estimated that just under half the energy used in the UK is used for heating, and about 55% of this is used on domestic space heating, hot water and cooking.  Most of this energy is currently supplied by gas (69%), oil (10%) and electricity (14%) and only 1% is known to come from renewable energy sources. So, although it is known that the most efficient way to reduce our energy use in buildings is through insulation and other energy efficiency measures, in order to create a shift change in the type of energy we use the government has introduced the RHI.

The RHI for solar thermal and other heating technologies was introduced in 2014.

Domestic RHI scheme 

In brief the UK Government intends to reward households which install renewable energy systems that generate heat.

Payments are made over a 7 year period.

Owners must obtain an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) and ensure they meet minimum energy efficiency requirements (e.g. loft insulation).

In order to apply for the RHI please click here.