Unvented cylinders in Solar Thermal systems

Hot weather advice

There is a possibility, in sunny weather, that the amount of solar energy generated by the solar system may exceed the energy demand of your household. This may occur if you have been away for a weekend or on holiday etc.

The unvented cylinder has several safety features, one of which is a thermal cut-out. If the temperature of the water in the cylinder should reach 80°C this thermal cut-out will trip and will switch off the solar pump. This prevents any more heat being brought down from the solar collector to the cylinder.

If you find that your solar system is not performing as expected it may be that the thermal cut-out has operated. It will be necessary to re-set the cut-out. To do this on a Santon Premier Plus solar cylinder:

  • Switch off solar system at fused spur or socket
  • Open lower grey door on cylinder
  • Press small red re-set button (top left)
  • Close ans secure door
  • Switch on solar system at fused spur or socket

If you need any advice please give us a call.